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The shipping times on furniture in Germany can be seen as somewhat as a disaster. Especially when you’re going through a sudden move to Paderborn and are thus faced with the necessity to start from scratch with furnishing a new apartment, the last thing that you’ll want to hear is that it may take months for the furniture you have purchased to arrive. This is why it is important to ask questions when buying furniture in Germany. Be sure that the representative who is assisting you with your purchase thoroughly goes over the duration of shipping with you so that you can prepare accordingly.

What options do you have for furniture in Paderborn

As stated in its name Preis Rebell is indeed a price rebel. Their affordable prices will make you worrying less about your budget and more about how you’re going to be able to carry all the amazing furniture you’ve found in their store. Familiarize yourself with their prices at You will of course, want to check out their delivery times to determine whether or not they truly are a viable option for you and thus calling them at 0 52 5 / 5 40 08-0 may be a wise decision. Email: [email protected]

Preis Rebell’s address is : Senefelder Straße 20, 3300 Paderborn

Möbel Clou is the ideal place to get a quality sofa for an affordable price. Here you won’t have to worry about 2 week shipping times.

Info for Möbel Clou:

Phone: 0525/778293


Address: Stettiner Strasse 34

3306 Paderborn

Email: [email protected]

When shopping at Finke, don’t get lost in their exceptionally large store. This really is one of the highlights about furniture shopping, not the getting lost bit, just the fact that they do have a wide variety to choose from.

Take a look for yourself:

Phone:0 52 5 / 302 0


Address: Paderbornerstraße 97

3304 Paderborn

Email: [email protected]


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