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The language is perhaps the scariest part of moving from an English speaking country to Pforzheim. Not that the language is scary in itself, just that not knowing how to speak the language and not understanding it is can be rather intimidating. This is especially true when you’re shopping for furniture. It may seem like a relatively simple task, until you get to speaking about financing options and then everything may seem to go in one ear, run around a bit, get jumbled and never leave fast enough for you to hear the next statement.

You’ll want to avoid language barriers when furniture shopping at all costs. Generally, it won’t cost you a dime as if you’ve got a colleague or friend who’s willing to take a trip with you, then hiring an actually interpreter won’t be necessary.

Have this person go over each point that the sales rep has mentioned to you so that you have a clear understanding of what’s going on before signing any papers. German contracts can be a little tough and for those who haven’t mastered the language it may look like gibberish. Get the assistance that you need and don’t count on the sales representative speaking English because though may get lucky if he or she does, you can be even unluckier if he or she doesn’t.

Some of the top furniture stores in Pforzheim include:

Möbel Zentrum Birkenfeld- fair prices and a large variety

Phone:  0723/4882-0


Address: Industriestr 45

D-7527 Birkenfeld

Email: [email protected]

Wohn Fabrik- a lot of unique pieces

Phone: 0723 3573


Address: Zerrennerstraße 23


Email: [email protected]

Marken Möbel Wagner- carries numerous name brand items

Phone: 0723/32030/-39


Address: Durlacherstr. 65

D-7572 Pforzheim

Email: [email protected]

Remember, high importance should be placed on the communication with your sales representative as to avoid any confusion in the process.


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