Buying furniture in Potsdam

Variety is one of the things you definitely do have when looking for furniture in Potsdam. Many of us are picky when it comes to finding furniture for our new home. This is usually the case when you’re moving to a city that you’ll be living in for years. Rather than having to shop for furniture every year because you slacked off on quality or you realize that the pieces don’t quite fit your style, you want to ensure that the furniture you purchase for your new home will be standing strong to the very end. This means that variety and the ability to shop around and take a look at what’s out their isn’t a ‘want’, it’s a necessity.

Luckily enough, there are many furniture stores from which you can pick, choose and refuse in Potsdam. If you start looking early enough, you’ll be able to know where the best prices are and thus have an idea of exactly where to get what before you’re even ready to move into your new home.

Don’t be afraid to explore and really do some research because in the end, it will be the determining factor on whether or not you get a great deal.

A few furniture stores in Potsdam that you should definitely take a look at are:

Möbel Wikinger- Their showroom is one that you’ll enjoy looking at and will definitely get some inspiration from, for decorating your home.

Phone: 033 / 605070


Address: Drewitzer Straße 46a, 4478 Potsdam

Email: [email protected]

Porta- Porta has a beautiful location and the ambiance is one that you will enjoy being in, especially considering that they’ve got a wide variety of furniture you won’t be able to refrain from admiring, and possibly even opening up your wallet to.

Phone: 033/20085-0


Address: Zum Kirchsteigfeld 4, 4480 Potsdam

Email: [email protected]

More Wolf- If you’re setting up a home office More Wolf is the perfect location to explore.

Phone: 0049 (0)33 6 38 96


Address: Charlottenstraße 20

4467 Potsdam

Email: [email protected]


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