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Furniture store shipping times in Regensburg can be one of the most discouraging and frustrating things to deal with, especially if you’re looking for furniture at the last minute. For many stores, it will take up to twelve weeks until they have the items to your home. If you really need to get your home furnished as soon as possible then you will have a few things to consider.

–        Check for stores that have their products in stock

–        The problem with this is that if these stores don’t carry styles that you particularly like then you may end up purchasing something that doesn’t quite satisfy your needs and leaves you disappointed

–        Rent furniture for the 2 week period that it takes to ship the items you’ve purchased

–        This is a great and affordable option. One of the perks of furniture leasing is that at the end of your use, the company will typically pick the furniture up from your home free of cost.

–        Purchase second hand furniture and sell or donate once your furniture arrives

–        The problem here is that selling can be quite difficult and if you don’t get the items sold in time, you might have problems being able to fit your new furniture

in your home.

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Kare design’s affordable prices make it a great place to pick up unique tidbits for one’s home.

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D – 93047 Regensburg

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Furhrmann Wohnen is excellent for those with a delicate and classy furniture palate.


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Phone: +49-94-606-8632

With over 20 stores and still expanding, Moe Max has become one of Germany’s favourites where furniture is concerned. They prices are pretty condensed in the middle range and at times are more inexpensive than medium.


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