Buying furniture in St. Gallen

The 60,000 inhabitants of St. Gallen know what they love about their city. It isn’t just the Abbey of St. Gall, the UNESCO world heritage but also everything else about their city that makes it an absolutely astonishing place to live. So, no wonder that more and more expats are finding their way into one or the other apartment or house in St. Gallen. Something that expats definitely appreciate about St. Gallen is how easy it is to furniture the newly found home. With many furniture stores to choose from, there is no special furniture desire that can’t be satisfied.

Everything in one place at Conforama

At Conforama you can find not just the furniture that you need to be able to live comfortably but also everything else around your household. With refrigerators and other electronic pieces as well as other electrical appliances going on sale when their time comes, you can just about decorate, furnish and equip your house with just one go to Conforama. Just make sure to bring a vehicle that is big enough to haul back all of the amazing things that you will find and want to purchase at Conforama.

Conforama St. Gallen

Phone: 07 34 8 20

Gaiserwaldstrasse 4,
905 – St-Gallen

Finding the furniture of your dreams at Micasa Migros

At Micasa Migros anybody who has an eye for beautiful furniture pieces will be able to thoroughly enjoy himself. With many exclusive pieces as well as many sets for your bed-, dining- and living room, you will definitely be able to find a piece or two that you will like. Before purchasing the pieces that you like, definitely make sure to ask if the piece that you want is in stock or if it has to be ordered first. Ordering pieces and sets can take up to twelve weeks. Not being aware of such long wait times can lead to highly unpleasant surprises.

Micasa Migros

Phone:  07 228 73 5

Gaiserwaldstrasse 3
905 St. Gallen

[email protected]

Comfortable shopping at Möbel Markt Meier

At Möbel Markt Meier you can find nice, high quality furniture at a decent price. They have a large variety of stylish furniture for all rooms of the house. Here you can have a relaxed shopping experience and enjoy yourself while finding the furniture of your dreams.

Möbel Markt Meier AG

Phone: 07 298 5 5

Arbonerstrasse 6,
9300 Wittenbach

[email protected]


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