Buying Furniture in the Frankfurt Area

When you have to relocate yourself and your family across an ocean, the cost of shipping your furniture can be quite expensive. In that situation, sometimes it is better to leave your old furniture in storage, sell it, or give it to family and then buy new furniture when you get to your new home in Frankfurt, Germany.

Of course, you can always shop at the popular furniture chain, Ikea. If you aren’t familiar with Ikea, it is a Swedish furniture store that has many affordable options for your home. Some assembly is usually required with Ikea furniture. There are at least two locations in the Frankfurt area, one in Hanau and another in Mannheim.

Ikea is one of those stores that most people tend to either love or hate. For those who are opposed to the chain, here is a list of a few of the larger and more popular furniture stores in and around Frankfurt.

List ofFurniture Shops in Frankfurt Area

·         MöbelBetten Shop

·         Holzconnection

·         Höffner

·         FlammeKüchen + Möbel

·         XXXL

·         Segmüller

·         Yellow Möbel

·         KontrastMöbel

Alternative Ideas

If this list is simply not working for you, there are other ways to find the furniture that you are looking for. When searching for anything, the internet can easily be your best friend. There are websites, like, that will allow you to do a search in your area for whatever kinds of shops you are looking for. You can conduct your search for furniture shops in general, or you can specify what kinds of furniture shops you are looking for and search for antique furniture or used furniture. The best part about websites like these is that they provide customer reviews. Anyone who has an account on the website can review the shop. That way you can see how other customers like yourself feel about the place you may want to go.

Another option is to check on some of the many forums out there for the English speaking community that lives in Germany. There are many of these forums, and you could sign up and ask around about old furniture or if anyone is moving and would like to get rid of their furniture. Simply do an internet search for forums for expatriates in Germany. Also, you see what you can find on websites similar to the Craigslist website. Craigslist is a website where people can post items they are selling locally, there are also sections for jobs and services. Use caution when searching on sites like Craigslist, as there is no guarantee that the seller is being entirely honest. Beware of scams and be cautious of the location and method of the exchange, because you never know what kind of people you may be dealing with.

Hopefully, the information provided will help you on your quest to find the furniture that you are looking for. It can be difficult, especially when you have a specific idea of what you want. However, you will find what you are looking for, because there are many options to help you find it.


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