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Going on the hunt for great furniture pieces in Vienna i soften a little different for expats than it is for locals. While the locals know that it is nothing ridiculous to have to wait up to twelve weeks for furniture that currently isn’t in stock in the color that you want, expats often find it a little startling. The fact that opting for delivery and set up may add yet another two weeks to the waiting time doesn’t exactly help the fact. This isn’t supposed to mean that expats should run to IKEA the first chance they get, there are plenty of great options in Vienna that will satisfy the need of just about every furniture lover.

Möbel Ludwig

Möbel Ludwig is the biggest furniture store in all of Vienna. It offers cheap to mediocre priced furniture as well as accessories, and other items for the use at home. Here you will be able to find a lot of the items that you desperately need at home on a single trip, without having to strain your budget too much.


Phone: +43 (01)732 48

1220 Wien, Hermann-Gebauer-Str. 11

[email protected]

Leiner Möbel

If you are a person that believes that furniture should represent the mindset of the owner then Möbel Leiner will be the right place for your next shopping trip. Here you can find high quality furniture both for your house and your garden that will properly represent you when you have guests.

Leiner Wien

Phone: 01/52153-0

1070 Wien, Mariahilfer Straße 18

[email protected]

Thalia Möbel

This furniture store is the right address for all of those that want to be unique and are looking for the highest quality in furniture. With some of the best brands like Eggersmann and Gruber + Schlager, Thalia Möbel is an exclusive destination for furniture lovers with rather deep pockets. You will find some of the most beautiful pieces ever designed and have the chance to add them to your home.

Thalia Möbel & Wohnform Löffler Nfg GmbH

Phone: +43 1 4058389

1160 Wien, Habichergasse 47

[email protected]


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