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Winterthur is one of the most beautiful cities that is worth the trip both in the summer and the winter. If you are fortunate enough to be living in the idyllic city of Winterthur in the canton Zürich in Switzerland you surely have something to smile about every morning. When it comes to furniture shopping, there is no difference. Winterthur offers some amazing choices for those who rather shop for a new sofa than dresses. Mostly any style of furniture that you can imagine, you will be able to find in one of the furniture stores in Winterthur.


Pfister is a furniture store that is well liked all over Winterthur. It offers furniture for all ages and most preferences imaginable. You will be able to find your future bed as well as the dining table for the next few holiday meals with the family. Smething that is especially great about Pfister is the fact that they also offer unique pieces. Though somewhat prices, Pfister should definitely be one of the stops on your list.

Pfister Winterthur

Phone: 052 266 92 00

Marktgasse 37,
8400 Winterthur

[email protected]

Pesce Möbel

As the number one location for name brand furniture in Winterthur, Pesce Möbl offers some of the most exclusive brands available today. Between Rolf Benz, Joop! And Kettnaker, Pesce Möbel offers a great variety of beautiful pieces for the living room, bedroom and dining room alike. If you are planning to pick up one the gorgeous master pieces right away, you can use their delivery service and have your new piece of furniture set up in your home right away.

Pesce Möbel AG

Phone: 052 233 48 49

Industriestrasse 26
CH-8404 Winterthur

Möbel Tamburro

For those with a budget that doesn’t certainly cover all of the most exclusive designer pieces but still wants to get great looking quality pieces of furniture will definitely find the right pieces at Möbel Tamburro. Offering some great pieces for living room, bedroom and dining room, you need to be aware that there may be waiting time involved if you want a specific piece that is currently out of stock. Such waiting time may be up to 2 weeks.

Möbel Tamburro AG

Phone: +4 (0)52 233 49 28

Stegackerstrasse 2
CH-8409 Winterthur

[email protected]


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