Buying furniture in Wolfsburg

Furniture shopping trips in Wolfsburg

Living in „die Autostadt“ is a treat in itself; however, as an expat you won’t be able to spend every day canvassing the city. You will also have to spend a significant amount of time at home, making it all the more important to feel comfortable in your new temporary home. By furnishing your new place in the way that you like, you can add a nice personal touch that will allow you to feel comfortable in no time. Nevertheless, when you go on your shopping trip, you shouldn’t forget to bring somebody who can possibly help you out by translating for you. Not every sales person at the local furniture stores will be able to answer all of your questions in flawless English. By bringing your own interpreter you will be able to avoid any and all misunderstandings. Here are some of the locations that you could visit on your furniture quest:


This store is all about individuality and creativeness. When you bring the right budget to be able to freely shop at this rather pricey location, you will be able to have one of the nicest apartments in all of Wolfsburg.

La Casa

Phone: Tel.: 05362 6460

Westerstr. 28
38442 Wolfsburg

[email protected]

SB Möbel Boss

Sb Möbel Boss has great looking furniture at prices that make shopping fun for just about anybody with any budget. Here you will find great look individual pieces as well as sets for your bedroom, living room or dining room.

SB Möbel Boss Handels GmbH & Co. KG Wolfsburg

Phone: 0536/82530

Dieselstraße 33
38446 Wolfsburg

[email protected]

Möbel Buhl

The perfect mix of quality and price can be found at Möbel Buhl. This furniture looks good and will last you for many years if you want it to. Make sure you stop by Möbel Buhl on your next furniture shopping trip.

Möbel Buhl GmbH & Co. KG

Phone: 0 53 08/ 404 – 0

38444 Wolfsburg

[email protected]


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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