Christmas Markets in Germany

The most festive time of the year is celebrated in extravagant ways throughout Germany. The most popular and spectacular features in which German Christmases are recognized by include the brilliantly lit Christmas markets where there’s no way of getting not feel jovial when walking through.

Christmas markets are a family experience, they’re something that should be thoroughly enjoyed and explored. You’ll forget about how chilly the season is because your excitement would have taken over along with a cup or two of Glühwein that you just simply, will not be able to resist. And because you are indeed in Germany, it goes without saying that Christmas markets also host stalls where a wide variety of beer can be sampled. Food in general is a highlight within these markets.

Food stalls you’ll find in the Christmas market include:

·         Schmalzkuchen, treats that bare a similar taste to doughnut holes, sprinkled with excessive amounts of powdered sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth, are a large hit for an on the go treat during the Christmas season.

·          Lebkuchen Hearts- another popular Christmas delight and a great gift item for the kids.

·         Currywurst- Bratwurst served with a decadent curry sauce.

·         Thüringer Bratwurst- spicier than regular bratwurst and grilled over a smoky charcoal fire.

·         Half meter Bratwurst- a sausage so long, makes for a good laugh, a challenge and a gang of wonderful photos.

·         Stollen- a raisin cake that every German enjoys at some point during the festivity

·         Eierpunsch- very similar in ingredients and taste to eggnog, this beverage is usually served warm and spiced with an adequate amount of liquor.

What’s there to see:

·         Nativity scenes- Christmas isn’t really Christmas with a good traditional nativity scene, it is indeed the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

·         Choirs and bands are usually present on certain days performing entertainment for all the visitors.

·         The lights- come at night time and see how beautifully lit everything is.

What to buy:

Christmas markets offer a great opportunity to get unique presents for the entire family. Be sure to arrive early as you want to get there before the crowds are too thick, and everything becomes a hustle and bustle.

·         Ornaments- beautifully decorated ornaments to add originality to your Christmas tree

·         Wooden toys- handcrafted, hardwood toys for the kids. You can even get their names engraved to add more of a personal touch.

·         Porcelain- a wide variety of products made from porcelain is available. These are great unique gifts for adults.

·         Nutcrackers- You’ll find some of the most beautiful and well crafted nutcrackers in the Christmas market.

·         Candles: Usually made of beeswax and will fill the room with a sweet honey fragrance.

Though houses in Germany aren’t traditionally as lit up and extravagantly decorated as in countries like the United States, going to the Christmas market, you won’t have a doubt in your mind that Christmas is just around the corner. There’s so much to do, so much to see and you’ll find yourself going more than once because you just couldn’t get enough the first time.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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