Churches and Religious Activities in Germany

Religion is important to many, and if you are a part of a religious group, you will certainly not want to miss out on your Sunday mass or whatever other means you need to practice your religion. When moving to Germany, it is natural that one may worry about not being able to practice their religion due to the language barrier. Rather than sitting in a church or mosque and having to guess and wonder what is being said, you will more than likely prefer to have your ceremonies carried out in English. Luckily, this option is available in Germany. In larger cities especially, there are many places of worship that do their activities in English. This meets the needs of the abundant numbers of English speaking members in the German society who want to continue their traditions and need to a place where the can come together to practice what they believe in.

A quick search on the internet will yield many results with places of worship within close proximity to your home. Whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or Jewish, you will find somewhere in Germany to worship.

The list below will provide you with locations for Mosques, Churches etc.

•    International Baptist Church

• -On this website you will find a list of Catholic churches in Berlin where the language of worship is English.
•    Ayasofya Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Haus der Weisheit  (Mosque)
•    As Salam Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Berliner Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Sehitlik Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Israelitische Synagogen-Gemeinde (Adass Jisroel)

Moschee is german for Mosque

•    American Protestant Church
•    CLW Bonn International Church
•    St. Boniface
•    Merkez Cami, Ditib Bonn (Mosque)

•    International Baptist Church
•    Cologne-Bonn Anglican Chaplaincy
•    Islamischer Kulturverein (Mosque)
•    IGMG Fatihcamii Köln (Mosque)
•    IPD Institut für Interrel Pädagogik and Didaktik (Mosque)
•    ZIF Zentrum für Isl Frauenforschung und Förderung  (Mosque)
•    AbuBakr Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Juedische Liberale Gemeinde Koeln Gescher LaMassoret


•    International Christian Fellowship
•    Trinity Lutheran Church
•    Church of Christ the King
•    Trinity Lutheran Church
•    Minhaj-ul-Quran International  (Mosque)
•    IKZ Frankfurt  (Mosque)
•    Tariq Bin Ziad Masjid  (Mosque)
•    Merkez Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Bismi Allah (Mosque)
•    Ateret-Zwi Synagoge
•    Baumweg Synagoge
•    Bet-Hamidrasch Röderbergweg
•    Westend-Synagogue
•    Bet-Hamidrasch Westend – Shtible


•    English Church of Saint Thomas a Becket
•    International Baptist Church
•    International United Methodist Church
•    Bangladesh Islamic Center  (Mosque)
•    Bosnische Moschee
•    Judische Gemeinde Ahernsburg Stormarn
•    Liberale Judische Gemeinde Hamburg

•    International Christian Church
•    Hanover International Bible Church
•    Union of Progressive Jews of Germany
•    Liberale Juedische Gemeinde – Hannover e.V.

•    Anglican Episcopal Mission Church

•    Covenant Fellowship Church
•    International Baptist Church
•    Mussalla An Nassiha  (Mosque)
•    Al- Maghreb Kulturverein  (Mosque)
•    Islamischer Bund  (Mosque)
•    Pak Islamic Center  (Mosque)
•    Islamisches Zentrum Stuttgart  (Mosque)

•    Immanuel Baptist Church
•    Wiesbaden Church of Christ
•    Christ Church of Wiesbaden


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