DSL Internet service providers in Germany

Having found an apartment in Germany there are quite a few things you’ll need in order to feel settled in. You’ve probably already bought furniture or rented them from a furniture rental company. The electricity and gas have been taken care of. But now, instead of having to use your phone’s data plan for internet, you looking at getting internet in your new home. There are quite a few DSL Internet Service providers to choose from. In the case that you’re fairly new to Germany, you’re probably interested in knowing which ones are good and what price you can expect to pay. For those only staying in Germany for a few months, it’s definitely worth looking into a plan that doesn’t require you to sign a minimum contract. These contracts are usually 2 month to 24 month contracts and are relatively difficult to terminate. Do thorough research and ensure that you get the deal that best suits your needs.

Who are the DSL Internet Service Providers and what do they offer?


–        No installation cost (special)

–        Free WLAN router

–        Available without contract. Cancel 4 weeks before the end of the month.

–        Free calling to German landlines

–        Prices from 4.99 to 39.98 € per month


–        3 month minimum contract length

–        rental of WLAN router, .95 € per month

–        Prices start at 9.95 € per month


–        Internet flatrate

–        WLAN modem

–        WLAN router

–        24/7 customer service

–        24 month contract

–        Prices start at 9.99 € per month


–        Free calling to German landlines

–        2 month contract

–        WLAN router

–        Prices start at 29.95 € per month

Kabel Deutschland

–        Free WLAN router

–        time installation fee 39.90 € per month

–        24 month contract

–        Price start at 9.90 € per month

When it comes to finding an internet provider there’s quite the variety. The price for each provider lies between 4.99 and 30 € per month which is fairly reasonable. However, it is important to ensure that you thoroughly read and comprehend any contract that you are provided with, before signing. Kabel Deutschland is especially difficult to terminate regardless of a change in address or moving out of the country. So be very careful and know just how long you plan on staying in Germany, because if you do leave early, you may end up paying for their services for as long as your contract had stated. Expats tend to prefer O2 because of its flexibility, affordability and the fact that only one month notice needs to be given in order to cancel their services. Take very good care of the devices you are given from your chosen internet service provider. They do often, require that you return routers and other devices once your contract comes to an end. These will need to be packaged and either dropped off at one of their offices or mailed. Not returning the required devices may result in a hefty fee. 


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