English Speaking Doctors in Berlin

Even though you’re planning on learning the German language and speaking impeccable German within the next few years, there are certain things that are nice to have in English, even when living in Germany. This includes your doctor. In Berlin, there are a large number of English speaking doctors, and thus there’s no need to put yourself in situations where you may feel uncomfortable, not knowing what you’re being diagnosed with, or if you communicated your symptoms correctly. Finding an English doctor in Berlin is rather simple and something that native English speakers should look into as soon as they get to Berlin and if possible, before. It’s important that you find a doctor that you get along with, and one who understands you. Finding the perfect doctor is especially important for people with known medical conditions who therefore require frequent visits throughout the year. With so many doctors in Berlin and so many of them who speak English, finding a doctor isn’t the hard part at all. However, when it comes to health, it’s not just about finding the closest doctor to home, or the first doctor on any list. What is more important is being able to have a good relationship with your doctor, and having that person be someone you can trust. When you’re not feeling well, being in an environment that makes you feel safe, and comfortable, is better than being somewhere you feel uneasy.

Here is a list of Expat recommended English Speaking doctors in Berlin:

West End, Dr. Krasser

Kreuzberg, Dr. Neil Mac Lean

Mitte, Dr. Mario Voß

Mitte, Dr. Dorothea Schleehauf

Mitte, Dr. Bernard Olsen

Wilmersdorf, Dr. Sylvia Kollman

Friedrichshain , Dr Cordes

Pohlstrasse, Dr. Maria Pfeuffer

Clayalle, Dr. Sylvia Grotjohann-Ernst

ZehlendorfDr. Fouquet

Gubener Straße, Petra Söllner

For more doctors in the Berlin area, see www.aerzte-berlin.de. This is a very useful website with a feature where one can choose a doctor based on their specialty and also specify the region as well as the preferred  language.

Getting a doctor’s appointment in Germany may take weeks and in some cases months. However, if you do need to see the doctor sooner than the earliest opening slot, find out when the practice has their consultation hour (sprechstunde), where you can show up during this time without an appointment. If you need assistance urgently, some doctors will see you without an appointment and outside of the consultation hour. This is one of the reasons it is important to choose a doctor that you get a long with and one you can relate to, especially for those who have ongoing health problems. On the weekends, when most practices are closed, there will be  ‘out of service’ emergency doctors available, this information can be found in the local newspaper along with what pharmacy in your area is open on what weekend. For more severe issues, going to the nearest hospital or calling an ambulance is perhaps the best approach to take. 


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