Excitement and Fun – Theme Parks in Germany

Sometimes a vacation is more enjoyable when it is a good combination of relaxation and excitement. Germany has many wonderful theme parks that offer just that. While you are living in Germany, you may want to take a short vacation, maybe a weekend getaway, to go to one of these amazing theme parks.

What makes theme parks what they are, are the rides and the entertainment. From roller coasters and adventure rides, to spooky mansions and water rides, there is something for everyone at a theme park. There are also lots of different shows to watch. There are puppet shows, variety shows, circuses, parades, animal shows, laser shows, movie shows, and musicals.

Here is a list of the seven largest theme parks in Germany, along with a few details about each park.

·         Europa Park

Located in Germany’s Black Forest, Europa Park is Europe’s second largest theme park. It is arranged with various “lands” representing different European countries.

·         Phantasialand

Phantasialand is located in Brühl. This park has a few elaborate themed areas, including a fantasy area, an African jungle area, a mystery area, and a Mexican town.

·         Movie Park

Located in Bottrop, Movie Park is also a movie studio, where visitors can learn about the process of making movies. There are many different movie-themed rides all over the park, including roller coasters and water rides.

·         Heide-Park

Located in Soltau, this park is home to the world’s tallest drop tower, scream, as well as the world’s steepest rollercoaster, Colossus. There are many different rides, restaurants, and shows to entertain the whole family.

·         Legoland Deutschland

Legoland Deutschland is located in Günzburg. The park has replicas of architecture, jungles, pirates’ coves, and fairyland castles all made entirely from Legos.

·         Hansapark

Hansapark is located on the coast in Sierksdorf. The park has recreated buildings and scenes of historic significance, while also including the rides that visitors love.

·         Holiday Park

Located in Haßloch, Holiday Park is a wonderful place for kids and adults alike. The Free Fall Tower, the first theme park ride of its kind, can be found in Holiday Park. Not only does the park have rides, but they also offer many entertaining shows, including some daredevil stunt shows.

There are also many other parks you can visit in Germany. There is the Autostadt, an automobile park in Wolfsburg, the hometown of Volkswagen. There is also Serengeti Park in Hanover where you can go on a safari adventure.

Whichever parks you choose to visit, be prepared to spend a bit of money while you are there. The food, snacks, treats, and souvenirs add up very quickly. Also, be sure to allot yourself enough time to enjoy the park, you do not want to feel rushed and stressed while at a crowded and expensive theme park.

 While living in Germany, it would be worth it to visit at least one of the amazing theme parks. There is something to be said for the childlike fun and adventure you can experience even as an adult when you go to a theme park.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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