Finding and Furnishing Your Apartment in Germany

A checklist for apartment seekers! 

Looking for an apartment in Germany? Finding the perfect place to call home can be a strenuous task. This is without a doubt even tougher when that home you’re looking for is in a foreign country. With these wonderful tips, you’ll be able to relieve some of the weight from your shoulders and make your transition a much easier one.

You’re no doubt going to experience a certain amount of trouble trying to find the perfect place to live in another country,but hopefully our tips can make your transition easier.

We suggest beginning with a list of wants and needs.

·        Determine what you’re looking for in your neighborhood and its surroundings, as well as your house or apartment, and its size and amenities.  

·     Come up with a price point—It’s okay to be a little flexible, but stick within your budget.  

·     Next, use a relocationagency or two.  

·     Send them your specifications and let them do the searching for you. Although a fee is incurred when using one of these services, they save you from the time and hassle of navigating your way through a foreign real-estate market, proving to be invaluable.  

·     If you’d like to save money in that department, you can check out some online rental listings—Although keep in mind that they may not always be reliable. are the largest online marketplaces for real estate rentals.

One big problem that many people have when relocating to another country is figuring out how to fill their new home with furniture and appliances. Fully furnished apartments in Germany are difficult to come by, leaving expatriates with fewer options. Don’t overlook the convenience of arranging for short- or long-term furniture rental packages.


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