Finding Banks that Offer Online Banking in English

Dealing with banks is not always easy, and dealing with anything when there is a language barrier makes whatever it is you are dealing with a whole lot more difficult. So, if you are moving to Germany, you may want to do a little bit of research to find which bank is best suited for you.

Which bank to choose?

Before you make your move across the world, you should check with your local bank to see if they have an additional branch in Germany. Some of the smaller banks will not, but if yours does, it will make that portion of your transition a whole lot easier.

Something else to ponder when choosing a bank in Germany is ATM locations. You may want to check how many ATMs are located around the areas where you live and work to make sure you have easy access to cash and your account when you need it.

Be sure, when you do visit a bank to open an account, that you bring with you multiple forms of identification and proof of residence. As a foreigner, you may have even more paperwork to go through than the average citizen. It never hurts to be a little extra prepared.

Banks with online banking in English

The following lists of links are for banking websites that offer their online services in English. For most, you may just have to click on a link in one of the upper corners labeled “English.”

·         CitiBank – From the CitiFirst website, change the language setting to English, then change the country option to Germany. Before you can proceed, you must acknowledge your residency in Germany.

·         Deutsche Bank

·         Targo Bank – Go to the login page, and from there click on “switch to English.”

·         HypoVereinsbank – From their main page, click on the link for “English Profile” at the top of the web page.

·         Postbank

·         Commerzbank

Non-English options

Of course, you do not have to make online banking in English a priority. If you do choose to bank somewhere that does not offer online banking in English, then there are ways to make banking run as smoothly as possible. The most basic option is to learn the appropriate key words and phrases in German so that you can use an online banking platform in German without feeling terribly lost and confused. If you are planning on learning German anyway, dealing with your bank entirely in German could be beneficial to you.

Also, many banks hire employees who are bilingual. If you are able to go to your bank whenever you need anything, you can always request to talk to someone who speaks English. Of course, you always have the option of hiring a translator to help you along with the process as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is if the bank you do choose does not have their online banking site available in English, there are many websites to help you translate – though not always with complete accuracy. In fact, some browsers, like Google Chrome, will translate an entire website for you.

Finding banking in Germany should not be too difficult a task, nor should finding someone to assist you in English. Hopefully, you are able to find the kind of bank you want with English language online banking available to you if you need it.


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