Frankfurt Furniture Rental Solution

Moving to Frankfurt, Germany? Don’t rely on finding a fully furnished apartment in Frankfurt as they truly are a scarcity. Instead, opt for a hassle free alternative. Within no time you could have your rental furniture shipped to your front door, and you wouldn’t have had to move a muscle or turn furniture lifting into a family event.

Here are the advantages of renting furniture (vs. buying or shipping them):

Instant delivery

In Germany, many furniture stores have shipping times of 2-3 months! Meaning when you buy furniture in January, you may not have your furniture until March. Why not have your rental furniture shipped in an instant, leaving all the hassle to professionals?


Lease and have your furniture assembled from one hand. You do not have to worry about coordinating furniture purchases and set-up during a period of your life when you least want to worry about such time consuming issues. Have the furniture picked up when you are ready to leave Germany for good.

Spend less

When you just moved to Germany from overseas, why bother to buy furniture? It is the more economical solution to rent furniture. Rent your furniture and pay on a monthly basis.

Adopting this service from the United States, Germany has quickly made it easy for its expatriates and their families to find the perfect individual items or complete furnishing packages. Tailored to each renter’s needs, packages can include as much or as little as you would like. Whether you’re in need of a sofa, beds, closets, kitchen appliances, a washer, a dryer or the entire selection, you’ll be able to rent them in a package specially designed for you.

For those moving temporarily, or even those waiting months for their new furniture to be shipped, leasing is the most affordable and easiest option. This is especially true when you find a full-service leasing company that takes care of delivery, setup, and later pick up of your rented items.


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