German Credit Card Recommendations

In Germany, credit cards are generally less popular than they are in nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States. With the possibility to shop locally as well as on the internet using one’s debit card (linked with Visa or Mastercard) or online wallets such as paypal, the ownership of a credit card  isn’t as much of a necessity for people living in Germany as it may be for people from other countries. Another service widely offered and used on the internet is „Sofortüberweisung“, which is almost exclusively available for Germans. This service enables you to pay in online stores just as quickly as with a credit card. Through this service your bank account is being charged a few days after the purchase while the shopper does not have to wait as may be the case with a bank wire.  Especially smaller stores in Germany may not even accept credit cards as there is a larger service charge associated with credit cards. Some online companies offer payment upon deliver. This is an excellent option for those who don’t have a credit card or just prefer to pay in cash once the item or items have been delivered.

Regular every day business is generally conducted with debit cards issued to people by their home banks.  Although it is becoming more and more popular in Germany to have a credit card linked to one’s debit account, it is still a rather new concept for Germans. These kinds of credit cards are generally very cheap with yearly fees of less than 50 Euros and in some cases free of charge. Some credit cards may even include special advantages such as travel insurance or a money back offer for flights, when booked through associated companies. One of the downsides of this kind of credit card is that they generally don’t have very large limits. Most credit cards associated with debit accounts, especially for rather newly instated bank accounts, do not succeed 500 Euros. However, checking with one’s local bank may be a good idea when first inquiring about credit cards.

Websites such as are another good way to explore the available options. A lot of the available credit cards on the market are listed on this website, with possible search features that include annual cost, interest and many more. Furthermore, if booked through websites like check24, some financial advantages and other special offers such as travel- or cell phone theft insurance may be available.

Listed below are some available credit cards that are free of charge. For more free credit cards you can visit

Barclaycard – Barclaycard New

Advanzia Bank – MasterCard Gold

DKB – DKB Visa Card

Hanseatic Bank – GenialCard Visa

Santander Consumer Bank – SunnyCard

Barclaycard – cardNmore

Valovis Bank – premium MasterCard

Wüstenrot direct – Visa Classic

A credit card is a very useful thing to have, especially for emergencies. Ensure that when you do choose a credit card you are aware of all the restrictions as well as other associated features such as the interest rate. 


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