German health insurance

In Germany you have a choice between public health insurance or private health insurance. Those who opt for private health insurance usually earn a salary that is in excess of 50 000 euros. The health care system is great and the fact that regardless of your income, health insurance is available to you makes the system even more exceptional. German residents don’t have to be reluctant to go to the doctor or hospital when something is wrong and thus can lead a healthier lifestyle, receiving the care they need when they need it. It is however, important to note that health insurance isn’t a choice in Germany, you need to be covered. When planning a visit to Germany, or moving to Germany for work purposes, ensure that you do indeed have health insurance. For expats, this is usually taken care of by the company. For visitors, this can be sorted out by travel agencies.

Facts about German Health Insurance:

  • When visiting the doctor you are required to pay a one time fee of 0 euros. This cost covers the entire quarter and doesn’t increase regardless of how many times you go, or how many other doctors you are referred to.
  • Those with public health insurance pay 0 euros per day when staying in the hospital. However, this price is capped off at 280 euros per annum.
  • Health insurance is majorly funded by employers and employees.
  • Residents pay 5.5% of their monthly income to the Krankenkasse.
  • Germany is the country with the oldest system for social national health insurance.
  • Over 80% of the German population are covered by national health insurance.
  • National health insurance covers the partners and children of contributors.

Private Health Insurance in Germany:

·         Available to those earning over 50 000 euros per year

·         In some cases, the premium for private health insurance may be lower than the premium for public health insurance

·         Partners and children are not included in your private insurance plan.

·         Your premium may be higher depending on your age.

·         Some policies only cover newborns for the first 4 days, after which the parent will have to apply for separate coverage for the child

·         With private insurance you have more options, in terms of doctors, hospitals and medical procedures that may not be covered by public health insurance.

·         Typically offers more global coverage than public insurance. 


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