German “Work-Visa Citizen” Assistance

There are rules and regulations when it comes to working in Germany. Being the holder of a residence permit does not automatically allow one to work in Germany, unless of course your work permit states that you are indeed allowed to take employment. There are however, situations where one may be able to take on a job in Germany as there are ways in which one can obtain a work permit.

Having graduated from a recognized university, you can venture to Germany in search of a job provided you are willing to consider Germany your long term place of residence. The opposite is true for those who do not hold a particular skill. For those looking to find a job that is considered ‘low-skilled’ this is forbidden by the recruitment ban and only in special circumstances will one be able to work their way around this regulation. The labour market is not a very easy one to access in German as privilege is given to German nationals and a non citizen will only be applicable for the position in the case that there is a shortage of Germans in the particular field and the position can not be filled.

For those who have obtained a university degree, the Blue Card system is in place and will ease the process of finding a job in Germany. However, certain rules do apply in order to be eligible for an EU Blue Card. One must be able to provide evidence of being qualified, in this case, have a university degree and be able to present to the relevant authorities proof that you have indeed received an offer for a job from a German firm.

An easier means of getting into the German job market is through specific fields. If you have worked in, or contain a university degree in matters that have to do with technology, math, information technology or you are a medical doctor and have an offer from a Germany company or organization that will yield you an annual income in excess of 37,000 euros, then you may be eligible to receive an EU Blue Card.

So how does one get a job offer without coming to Germany?

You can indeed receive a visa in order to seek employment in Germany. Finding a job from overseas can be rather challenging, and the authorities do realize that and thus will grant you six months in which you can look for a job, do interviews etc. You are, however, not entitled to work in Germany during this time. The visa that you will receive is referred to as a jobseeker’s visa. In order to get this visa, you will, once again have to provide evidence of your qualifications.

If you work for a company in the United States that has relations in Germany, then you may also be able to obtain a visa from your company provided they would like your expertise in the German market.


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