Germany Adventures – 10 Amazing Facts About Munich Germany

Munich is certainly one of the most established and oldest European cities, being the capital of Bavaria and now heralded as the secret capital of Germany. But how well does the average tourist or expat knows the place? Read on the 0 Must Know Facts and be dazzled at how much this city has to offer.

Fact # – Munich is the Home of Oktoberfest

This just have to be number one, as it is simply a sin to be in Munich and not know that it’s the home of this very much celebrated beer festival.

Fact # 2 – The River Isar Serves as the Oasis of Munich

Being the main river, Isar breathes life into the city and nourishes the surrounding area, making it the soul of Munich in a way. Jogging or riding a bike along the river or having a barbecue along the banks are all favourite local pasttimes.

Fact # 3 – Munich Is Named After Monks

The native name of the city is “München” which is from the German word “Mönche” which means “Monks”. Hmmm, wonder what the monks has to say about it being the home of Oktoberfest.

Fact # 4 – The Oldest and Largest Science Museum is in Munich

The Deutsches Museum is so big that no matter how fast you go through the exhibits, you simply cannot view everything in a single day. Now, that’s more reason to stay longer in town!

Fact # 5 – Munich Offers Riding Down a Mountain on a Sledge

The Blomberg Mountain offers visitors the adrenalin rush of riding down a mountain on a sledge, even if winter is long gone. On top of that, the beautiful scenery is something every nature lover with an adventurous spirit will surely relish.

Fact # 6 – A Donut Shaped UFO is Permanently Parked at Munich

Okay, the Allianz Arena is not a real donut shaped UFO but it sure looks like one, especially when seen from the air when your plane is about to land at the airport. This marvel of engineering can even change colours, sometimes being lighted white, blue, or red depending on which Munich soccer team is playing.

Fact # 7 – Munich Has the Only BMW Museum in the World

This is an attraction that anyone who loves car and speed will enjoy. Visitors may test drive simulation vehicles at the museum and immerse themselves on learning the history of the BMW.

Fact # 8 – Relive the 972 Olympics at Olympia in Munich

The Olympia was constructed for the 972 Olympic games, but it is still very much buzzing and alive up to this day. Besides being a venue for artistic expression, there are also athletic festivals being held in here. How would you like to swim in the Olympic pool? Or Ski just like an Olympian? You can do that here at the Olympia.

Fact # 9 – Munich is the Birthplace of River Surfing

You can’t visit the place without paying a short visit to Eisbach to see river surfers. This would be the only place in the world where you can see river surfers in the middle of the city’s park.

Fact # 0 – Munich is the 2nd Leading Financial Hub in Germany

Housing the second most important financial hub in Germany, and definitely one of the top 0 most important in all of Europe, Munich is one of the places to be if one wants to build a career as a financial expert.

Isn’t getting to know Munich more exciting now that you know some incredible facts about it? If you are already in Germany, make sure you don’t miss out on spending some time in this historic city of the old world and modern world. It is truly a place where the old and the new converges, resulting in an irresistible mix of flavour for any traveller.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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