Germany Adventures – 10 Must Know Facts About Frankfurt

Any tourist or expat to Germany have no doubt heard of Frankfurt, and it is not surprising. Frankfurt is one of the oldest cities in Europe with a vast array of surprises and offerings for every visitor. In fact, it is practically a sin to be in Germany and not see Frankfurt! So before you plan your Frankfurt adventures, read on what awaits any visitor to this lovely German centre.

Fact # – Frankfurters Were Named After Frankfurt Germany

Franks or also widely known as hotdogs were named after Frankfurt Germany. This makes the city the birthplace of hotdogs!

Fact # 2 – Frankfurt is the Centre of Arts in Germany

It also spends more than any other European city on arts. Any artist will surely feel at home in this Germanic city.

Fact # 3 – Frankfurt Germany is the European Jazz Capital

Jazz music lovers will surely fall in-love with the place, and a must visit venue to indulge in all that jazz is the Jazzkeler, the city’s premium venue jazz lovers.

Fact # 4 – Germany’s Longest Shopping Street is Located at Frankfurt

A visit to the Zeil, is a truly shop til you drop experience! Being the longest shopping street in the whole country, shopping for yourself and loved ones or for souvenir items can all be done here.

Fact # 5 – Frankfurt Germany is a Major Transport Hub

Be it for land, air, or rail travel, Frankfurt is at the middle of it all. When you are in the city, going to a lot of must see cities and locations is a breeze.

Fact # 6 – Frankfurt has the Tallest Buildings in Germany

4 of the tallest skyscrapers in fact, and not only in the country, but this holds true for the rest of the European continent as well.

Fact # 7 – Frankfurt Germany is One of the Most Expensive Cities

Being in the centre of transport, having the most important financial district, housing all that art, and all those skyscrapers comes at a prize, and that comes in the form of being one of the most expensive places in the world, but that’s okay though, as everything else makes up for this fact.

Fact # 8 – Frankfurt has over 30 of the best Museums in Germany

Being one of the oldest European cities does have a lot of perks, and one of that is being the home to a lot of artifacts which are housed amongst the over 30 museums all over the city.

Fact # 9 – Apple Cider Wine is a Must Try in Frankfurt Germany

Ebbelwoi, the local name for apple cider wine is a must try for every foreigner who happens to find themselves in here. The taste is exquisite and it’s a nice break from drinking all the German beers.

Fact # 0 – Frankfurt Is the Leading Financial Hub in Germany

Housing the most important financial hub in the country, and one of the most important in all of Europe, those who are business-minded will no doubt feel at home making their first million here.

Now that you know some sizzling tidbits about Frankfurt, wouldn’t you want to set foot in this part of Germany? Who knows what adventure the city holds for you, visit it and find out!


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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