Germany Adventures – 25 Signs to Know You Spent Time in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany is definitely one of the must see stops when you are in the country. The vibe of the place, the sights and sounds, the history, and everything else makes for a great experience in Germany, be it for tourists or expats alike. So how do you know when you spent quite a bit of time in Hamburg? Read on and see what signs are starting to manifest in you.

You Know You Spent Time in Hamburg as an Expat When:

.       You have started to think of beer as food. In fact, it replaced milk in your dictionary for being a complete food.

2.       You have memorized the bus and train times and can recite them even when you’re asleep.

3.       You have become obsessed about recycling. You also think this fact about Hamburg rocks.

4.       You become extremely worried when the train is a minute late.

5.       You have now gone semi FKK and thinks anyone who is not at least half naked at the beach is highly abnormal.

6.       You don’t say hello when answering a call anymore and have now started answering calls with a curt enunciation of your last name.

7.       You think making fun of Holland or the Netherlands is cute, especially about football.

8.       You start thinking anyone below 25 with a baby is way too young, in fact, you practically view them as children too after staying in Hamburg.

9.       You now take the question “how are you?” seriously. You feel that you need to give the asker a thorough run-down of your mental health.

0.   You start thinking that someone who smiles is rude.

.   You also start getting suspicious when someone is smiling at you.

2.   You’ve also begun thinking that anyone who smiles is either a tourist, an American, insane, or an insane American tourist.

3.   You now develop an obsession into defeating Bavaria at any sport.

4.   You’ve begun thinking that all psychics should be octopi.

5.   You start thinking that anyone who says sorry is a tourist, and not just any tourist, a weird, rude tourist.

6.   You have ceased to think football exists, it is now soccer.

7.   You think winter is a year- long affair and you’re even carry a mini ice scraper together with your mobile phone.

8.   You have become a full carnivore, eating meat at all 3 main meals of the day.

9.   You think it is normal to ride a Mercedes every day.

20.   You have begun having jager with every meal. In fact, 8 glasses a day ceased to refer to water, to you, it now refers to jager.

2.   You have become a stickler for rules and live life as straight as a ruler.

22.   You now have highlighters and a ruler whenever you read, and yes, even for porn.

23.   You have become accustomed to people bumping at you on the train station and now thinks it is your civic responsibility to do the same.

24.   You now think it is normal for children to drink beer and smoke cigarettes.

25.   You now think that a guy who wears waterproof mascara are cool.

There you have it, the 25 Signs to Know You Spent Time in Hamburg as an Expat. If you are manifesting more than half of what is listed here, then you might be turning into a Hamburg native! Enjoy your adventures in Germany and bookmark this site for more Germany Adventures and Hamburg tales. 


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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