Germany and Its Diverse Religious Landscape

Many immigrants will find the religion they are accustomed to back home in many of the cities of Germany. Germany has a diverse religious landscape. With a long history, there are various different places available for worship. Plenty of information is easily found online, but below are some resources for the more populated religions. Given the nature of Germany’s rich history, it is easy to understand the diverse religious choices in the country.

Christian Religions 

Christianity is the largest religious sect with the majority of the Christian population divided among: Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians. Islam is the second largest religion with 5% of the population — other major religions include: Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism. Because the English language is widespread throughout Europe, finding English-speaking churches is not as difficult with the sources found in local metropolitan cities as well as the Internet.

With many English-speaking residents, English-speaking churches are relatively easy to find in various areas of Germany. Good sources of information are local military base chaplains as they are very knowledgeable about the surrounding areas in regards to English-speaking places of worship. Some notable websites to aid in the search are as follows:

·         Catholic

·         Baptist

·         Church of Christ

·         Methodist

·         Lutheran and Non-Protestant

·         Anglican

·         Episcopal

Muslim Mosques 

Many of the Muslim mosques often represent certain countries and are conducted in the language of that country. With such as a large Muslim population in Germany, it is relatively easy to find a mosque. Utilizing the website, it will provide a list of mosques with a flag indicating the representing country.

Jewish Community

A small Jewish community can also be found in Germany. The synagogues around the country can be found via This website is more of an online magazine but it does include extensive information on local synagogues within Germany.

German Quaker Information 

The Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, has an informational site dedicated to activities specifically in Germany. The site is The site is mainly in German but does have a section in English.

Buddhism, Hinduism and Other Religions

There are smaller communities of other religions also available in Germany. If a religion is not listed here, another resource may be to contact a local church for information before travelling to this country as local houses of worship have the information for international places of worship readily available. Some basic information is as follows.

·         Buddhism Resources

·         Hinduism Temples in Germany

·         Sikhism: Look for information in the cities of: Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart.

·         Bahai Faith

Religion in Germany is diverse and invariably there is something for everyone. Once having arrived in this land, the best resource for more detailed information are the local houses of worship, as they will have current and up-to-date information. Due to communist rule for many years especially in East Germany, the non-religious group is quite significant and many states have a non-religious majority — this is approximately a little over 30% of the population. Catholicism and Protestantism combined only account for 30% of the German population as of 20.  


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