Germany Welcomes Expats

The expat in Germany – an endangered species? 

Are you an expat relocating to Germany with family in tow? You may belong to an endangered species. Multinational companies are decreasing the members of their work source that they send abroad and are consequently leaning more towards local hires.  In addition, those who get relocated often stay shorter periods and on a project basis. In such circumstances, companies increasingly ask that their employees leave their families alone.  

Germany, home to over 250,000 expatriates, has traditionally been the European leader in foreign expats. An expatriate is loosely defined as “a person who lives outside their native country”. According to this definition, the expatriate population makes up less than % of Germany’s total population.

The rate of expatriates entering Germany highly exceeds the number of German citizens leaving as expats to work in other countries. Statistics show a net outflow of German expats. This number includes not only those working in other countries, but  also citizens who are no longer registered in the country. Included in this net outflow, are those who leave for tax reasons as well as others who leave for reasons unrelated to the work force.

Germany’s population of foreign workers has grown exponentially since the 990’s. Tech companies are responsible for many of the expat jobs; while in the early part of the 2st century,software development projects, a part of government initiatives were largely responsible for increases in the expat population.

In attempts to cut back on their costs, companies have decreased the number of mid-level employees being sent abroad. This, however, does not mean that companies are trying to eliminate sending their employees to a foreign company. In fact, it is quite the opposite, companies do realize the importance of international experience for their employees. Though some expat packages may not have as many perks as they did in previous years, employers still aim to ensure that their employees and their employees’ families make a good transition and settle in well when overseas.

Expat Package Perks: 

·     Immigration and paper work are taken care of by the company.

·     Many companies stand the cost of housing for their expat employees.

·     Insurance and taxes are usual taken care of by the company.

Continued success in industrial, technological, and medical fields are providing a vibrant job market and encouraging relocation of foreign professionals.  The opportunities in Germany are just beginning to flourish along with the country’s increased confidence and success.  From the U.S. to South Africa, professionals are flocking to Germany to capitalize on their specialties.

Unable to keep up with the housing demand, renters are finding it increasingly difficult to find furnished houses and apartments. Many are adopting the growing trend of simply renting furniture and appliances from reputable firms, after taking advantage of leasing agents to represent them in their housing searches.

What strategies have you used and found successful?  Join the conversation!


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