Germany’s Expat Community on InterNations

Are you planning to move to Germany or have already arrived and are just getting settling in? If so, you should consider joining the world’s largest expatriate community on InterNations. InterNations was created to help members meet other high-profile expatriates from around the world living in their city and connect with them, both online and offline through events and activities.

InterNations also offers its members the know-how and support to make moving abroad more manageable. InterNations was founded in 2007 and now has over million members in more than 390 Local Communities around the world.

InterNations has communities in 26 cities in Germany alone, ranging from Munich and Berlin, to Leipzig to Karlsruhe. Before your departure date, the forums are a great place to ask all your questions and connect with people online before you even arrive in Germany. In the forum, you can post the specific questions you have about what neighborhood to move to, how to find the best school for your children, how to search for a job, etc. Once you move, the marketplace section of the forum can be a good resource to find used furniture and other household goods.

The Guide section of the InterNations website can also help answer any questions you may have before your departure. In addition to guides specifically geared towards expats living and working in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, the website offers an extensive guide for Germany on topics ranging from German taxes to visa info for Germany to how to open a German bank account. There are also articles on finding a doctor, choosing the right school for your children, apartment and house hunting in Germany and more.

In the Expat Magazine, InterNations offers articles covering issues commonly facing expats, such as culture shock, helping children adjust to life abroad and figuring out how to make a realistic budget for your time overseas.

Once you arrive in Germany, as a member of InterNations it’s easy to meet up with fellow expats face-to-face at monthly events. These events, which are organized at exclusive locations in each of the 26 Local Communities in Germany, are the perfect opportunity to socialize and network with expats from your home country and around the world. In the bigger communities, there are up to four events each month.

InterNations also offers the opportunity to meet international people, with whom you share similar interests, in a smaller setting. Through the network’s many activity groups, you can meet up for dance classes, go on hikes, speak a different language, join a book club, participate in business networking, meet up for dinner, learn about different cultures, and the list goes on. If you don’t see your favorite hobby or activity, you can start your own group!

As InterNations has its headquarters in Munich, the Local Community is particularly active there. Multiple get-togethers take place every day of the month, with groups sporting names like InterNations Munich Yoga, InterNations Munich Wine Tasting and InterNations Munich Rock Climbing.

And if in a few years, you find yourself relocating to another part of the world, you can save yourself a lot of time networking and meeting new people if you’re already a member of InterNations.

So what are you waiting for? Let InterNations make your expat life easier!


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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