Getting Around Switzerland

The Swiss Public Travel System

One of the best qualities of the country is the world-class public transport system in Switzerland. Travelling by train, bus or ship is easier then ever and the system boasts the densest network in the world. You can purchase all in one tickets that allow you access to the whole country that operates on a half hour to one-hour departure system. The system also has some of the best panoramic routes that sweep you through the Alps and on into other neighbouring countries. Although the tickets can be costly, there are options to purchase monthly all in one passes, family passes, or regional passes at discounted rates. 

Driving in Switzerland

If you prefer to drive yourself around Switzerland, the experience may be both exciting and frustrating. The cities were not designed with motorists in mind, so the streets are narrow and there are frequently traffic jams at peak times. However the motorways – Autobahns are well designed and easy to navigate. Another downside to driving in Switzerland is the alpine roads. Although the rural mountain roads are not as difficult to drive in summer as they are in winter, over half of the road accidents in the country happen on these roads. You may also want to consider the price of fuel in Switzerland before you decide to drive your way around the country, as a litre can cost up to .7CHF.

Biking or Hiking

One of the most popular methods of transport in Swiss country is by bicycle. If you are not travelling too far, then it is a great way to get around and exercise all in one. You will also be doing the planet a big favour and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will become familiar with the area.

Hiking is one of the most popular summer activities in Switzerland. With over 300 hiking trails covering over 60’000 km of the country, you will find some of the most breathtaking views in the world here by foot.  


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