Guide to International Schools in Switzerland

One of the most common reasons that people relocate to Switzerland is for their education system. Aside from the local institutions of public and private schools, a large number of highly renowned international schools in Switzerland provide children with an exceptional education opportunity. Foreign students can still continue their home country curriculum in their own native language.  This is a valuable resource to international students spending only a few years abroad, giving them the cultural experience and keeping them in line with their peers at home.

A vast majority of Switzerland’s large cities have a number of international schools in them, providing both students and parents with a list of choices. Starting the process of enrolling in an international school should be done as soon as possible. Since these schools offer many valuable resources that public and private schools do not, the waiting list can be quite long.

When choosing an international school, parents and students will have the option of either enrolling in a day school or boarding school away from home. The boarding school option may be suitable for families who do not live in a city with an international school available.

Be sure to plan ahead financially when selecting an international school. The costs attached to these institutions typically are higher and will increase as the student ages. There are options however, for parents to plan ahead. This includes soliciting an employer for an educational stipend and scholarships to help pay for all or a portion of a child’s schooling.  The average tuition for secondary students in international schools in Switzerland can be as high as $35,000 CHF per year.

Planning ahead and reviewing the available options for international schools in Switzerland can help open a world of educational experiences for families of all ages.


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