Instantly Streaming Content on your Apple TV in Germany

When it comes to streaming content on the internet, the country you are in can change what you can or cannot watch. For example, Hulu and Netflix are both not yet available in Germany. Apple TV is a unique entity on its own.

Apple TV

Apple TV does not allow you to purchase or rent content straight from the television. You need to have access to an iTunes account. From your iTunes account, you purchase and download television shows and movies, and then stream them directly to your Apple TV. If you set up your iTunes account in the United States, then you should still be able to search for, purchase, and download content as though you were still in the United States. In this case, an Apple TV could be useful if you use your iTunes account to purchase most of your English language television shows and movies.

There are other applications available on Apple TV as well. Programs like Hulu and Netflix, which are not available in Germany, are part of Apple TV. However, you can find a way to access them. This is where the Virtual Private Network, or VPN comes in. With a VPN, you can access websites that are not usually available to you in Germany. This works by getting your internet through an IP address from a country that does allow the websites you are searching for.

Other Options

While Apple products are user friendly and extremely popular, they are not universally compatible with many other electronics. If you do not happen to have iTunes or own any of Apple’s many other products, then it may be wise to look into other brands for your internet, streaming, and television needs. For television, there are many options available to you in Germany, including satellite and cable.

If you want to stream shows and movies instantly to your television, then there are other ways of doing so. You can always get the VPN and then connect your computer or a set top box that supports VPN technology to your television.

Of course, if you are cheap and disrespectful, you also have the option of pirating movies and television shows. However, should you choose to pirate content from the internet, you should heed the following warning. It seems there is a virus going around. Through backtracking, companies can follow your movements about the internet. If you pirate anything on the internet, that information is logged in a database, and this virus is delivered to your computer. Once this virus has implanted itself into your computer, you may experience some, if not all, of the following issues: pop-up images of old ladies crying because they are ashamed of your thievery; the inability to access any videos or images with the tags cute, puppies, kittens, or baby animals; the disabling of your spam filter, and the inability to re-enable it; permanent deletion of your social networking accounts; and all of the notification sounds on your computer will be changed to 20 minute recordings of crying babies. So please, do not pirate content on the internet. Just because it is easy to do, does not make it right. 


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