International Health Insurance- The Private Health Insurance Alternative in Germany

Those who are privately insured usually fall into two categories. The first group privately insured members of the German society make an excess of 52,000 euros per year, the other group of privately insured are those who are self employed. What a lot of expatriates do not realize is that they can get International Health Insurances and reap some benefits that are not provided in state health insurance and in some cases not in private insurances either.

If you are someone who travels a lot, whether it’s going from German to home or you’re traveling all over the world, International Health Insurances are a great option for you as you’ll have worldwide coverage. Especially if you aren’t certain how long you will be living Germany, and you frequently change the places you call home, with an International Health Insurance you won’t have change your insurance every time you pick up and leave. This eliminates quite a large amount of paperwork and takes away the uncertainty and stress with having to find another insurance provided wherever you go. And because most International Health Insurance’s main language of operation is English, you won’t be subject to not understanding important bits and pieces of information and in the case of an emergency you know that there will not be a language barrier.

Reason you may not go with an International Health Insurance provider include:

  • Your age. Some International Health Insurances expire once you have reached a certain age and thus if you are close to that age then you may want to decide against International Health Insurance. This saves you from having to go through the stress and complications of having to change Insurances within only a short period of time.
  • If you have a pre- existing condition, International Health Insurances may be exceptionally high, or in some cases they will not accept you.
  • Provided you are working in German, you may also want to check if having a German health insurance is one of the requirements from your employer.

In order to determine if you are better off going with an International Health Insurance provider or a German Private Health Insurance provider be sure to do enough research before you make the final decision. Contact a Health Insurance agent, explain your situation, let him or her know what your preferences are and what you ultimately look for in a Health Insurance provider.

Provided you have decided on going with an International Health Insurance plan, ensure that you have opted for all the coverage you will need. Opt for one that has a large network and is of high quality. Check what conditions they cover and what you are entitled to in cases of illness or perhaps even a chronic health condition. Some International Health Insurances will cover a private room and in some cases you get to choose your doctor.  


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