International Money Transfers to and from Germany

International Money Transfers to and from Germany

Transferring money Internationally can sometimes be expensive, especially if you are not aware of the hidden charges, exchange rates and fees that you may be subjected to. It may be helpful to find out this information in advance so that when the situation arises you aren’t left dumbfounded by the costs.

A large majority of the problems one may experience is not going through a reliable merchant when carrying out their transaction. Though at a first glance, some options may seen significantly cheaper than others, and thus more attractive, it is important to thoroughly analyze the means you are planning on using in order to ensure that there aren’t other costs that will be incurred. If there are, in no time, you may realize that their prices only seemed low because everything was hidden well, just to lure you in.

Expatriates working in Germany often send money back to their home country, to their families or to a savings account they have at home if they have a German bank account where their salary is deposited. For those who have properties overseas and have to make regular payments on their properties, not taking the proper precautions can mean that your property will cost a lot more in the long run.

The main problem for many comes with the exchange rate. When sending money to a country that doesn’t use the Euro, you have to be ware of the exchange rate. Euro to Pounds, Euro to Dollars, whatever it is, you need to know where you will be offered the best rate. Most people tend to just do the transactions through their banks. However, this can be one of the most expensive ways, as their exchange rates are typically not as good as elsewhere. When transferring money through your bank, you may not only be looking at losing money through the unfavorable exchange rates but also due to other fees that are applied on International transactions.

Though it may not be a burden to incur some of the fees one time, when you make multiple transactions a year, it all adds up and if you look back you may realize that it was indeed a lot pricier than you had anticipated. Be sure to compare the rates that your personal bank offers with the rates you may get at another currency specialist. Using a currency specialist is a popular and usually a better option. Reports show that the savings lie between 2 and 4 percent when opting for a specialist rather than going through your bank. 

Currency specialists may be your best option when it comes to transferring money abroad. Be sure to check that the specialist you are using is indeed credible and has all the correct license and documentation needed to carry out that form of business. Many people have switched to using a currency specialist, especially for larger and more frequent transactions.


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