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One of the great things about living in Bonn is the existence of phenomenal education. Many expats dread the change that will overcome their child when uprooting and integrating into the German society. With a large number of expatriate children having no German language experience prior to moving to Germany, school can be a scary thing. However, international schools lighten the stress as it reassures parents that their children will not be held behind due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of the German language.

Most international schools in Germany use English as their language of instruction. This, however, does not mean that the students who attend international schools do have the opportunity to learn German. Classes are set and designed in a way to give children an equal balance while still allowing them to excel in their native language. The environment in international schools is a lot different from that of a public German school. For starters there is the fact that the class sizes are significantly smaller. This means that each student’s voice gets heard, and no one gets lost in the mix. Parents are typically more active in international schools and PTA’s are large amongst the parents. Being able to know how one’s child is integrating into the new system is important for parents. International schools pride themselves on being able to provide parents with that security and thus in a sense, not only integrate the students into the school environment, but also the parents.

The Independent Bonn International School

Founded in 963, the Independent Bonn International School is a school that provides education for students from all over the globe. Being the oldest international school in Bonn means that the Independent Bonn International School has a lot of experience when it comes to educating children from all backgrounds. The base language of the school is English but German is also an essential part of the curriculum. IBIS is also great in that it follows a curriculum that allows easy integration into the German school system provided that at some point a parent wants to change their child’s school.

 The Bonn International School

With less than a thousand students and slightly over 70 teachers, the Bonn International School provides a great, lively atmosphere where students can acquire exceptional education. Following the International Baccalaureate course of study means that the Bonn International School provides children with a high level of education that is universally recognized.  Students will also have the opportunity to take the PSAT and SAT and though English is the primary language, German classes are also of high importance. Once a student is approaching graduation, counseling is provided to help them with their applications and decisions on which universities to consider. The staff at the Bonn International School has the student’s best interest in mind and work with them to help them bring out their best and achieve their goals.


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