International Schools in Hamburg

There are many reasons why parents opt for an international school for their children rather than sending them to a school that is solely German based. Especially for parents who have moved from an English speaking nation, it is important to know that their child is in an environment where they don’t feel lost and overwhelmed. For older English speaking children, the integration into a school where German is the only spoken language may be a difficult one. Parents may also choose to send their younger children to an International school in order to ensure that they don’t forget their mother language. Regardless of your reason, choosing to go with an International school is a great idea, as your child will be learning in not one, but two languages, and possibly more as they get older.

Two renowned international schools in Hamburg include: The International School of Hamburg (ISH) and Phorms Education Campus Hamburg.

The list below will help to familiarize you with these two schools:

International School of Hamburg:

–        Founded in 957

–        Primary School to year 2

–        Offers the International Baccalaureate Program

–        The majority of courses are taught in English

–        Rather pricey

–        Model United Nations Course

–        Extra curricular activities including: music, arts, drama, tennis, football, basketball, swimming, golf.

The International School of Hamburg has a strong history and a great reputation. They take education seriously and ensure that your child is performing to the best of his or her ability. Parents are usually very pleased with the friendliness of the staff and the ability to easily find out about their child’s progress. Class sizes are generally small and allows for students to have a high level of interaction with their teachers as well as becoming familiar with them. Though the classes are mainly in English, this isn’t to say that students won’t or do not learn German. The program is bilingual, and thus they do acquire an impeccable education in both languages.

Phorms Education Campus Hamburg:

–        Founded in 2008

–        Classes in English and German

–        Preschool to year 4

–        Plans to open secondary school

–        Play based learning for children 3-5 years of age

–        Uses the Cambridge International Primary Programme in certain subject areas

Phorms Education, having been founded in 2008 is a fairly new school. It is however, a great school, with a bright, caring, friendly atmosphere where children can easily feel comfortable and parents can feel at ease leaving their children. Tuition is more affordable than the International School of Hamburg, put is still on the expensive side when compared to the free education at public schools. Phorms Education is a great addition to the International Schools in Hamburg and helps to meet the high demand for schools where children can learn both German and English from a young age and develop perfect communication in both languages.

Expats should always consider if their company covers the cost of schooling for their children, as this may ease some of the financial burden when choosing an international school.


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