ISDN, DSL, Cable: Broadband Internet in Germany

The internet has become such a dominant part of our every day lives. Its importance for keeping in touch with friends, doing research and also allowing for a smooth process in the working environment is ever increasing. Being in Germany as an expatriate more than likely means that you have left friends and family and  possibly even a business or two behind in your native country. Being able to keep up with everyday happenings in a country where you no longer reside is made significantly easier through the existence of the internet. So it comes as no surprise that finding an internet provider is one of the highest things on your to-do list.

Broadband internet in Germany is rather cheap and there are many companies to choose from. With high speed internet connections and the possibility to have a flat rate on internet and telephone makes broadband internet very attractive. The prices vary from provider to provider and may also be higher or lower depending on the internet speed that you desire.

Cable Television and Internet access.

The possibility is there for internet and telephone access via ones cable television connection. Through this option you are looking at having your internet and telephone fixed to the cable television connection. This is a very low cost option and the internet speed is typically very fast.

So how does one choose an Internet provider in Germany?

Research is the first thing that you will need to do. Rather than opting for the first company that you hear of or see, check to ensure that they do provide what you are looking for. It may also be a good idea to get some feedback from existing customers to see what complaints, if any, they have about the company. This may save you a lot of stress in the future as some companies are known to have terrible customer service, and when something is wrong, the difficulty in being able to get the information and the help you need is very high. Knowing this before hand may help you to make a wiser decision and know what to expect from customer service reps and how to go about dealing with them in order to obtain helpful information.

Know what connection speed you will need and ensure that the provider you are looking into is capable of providing such speeds. You will also need to be aware of the price of the services and decide whether or not they fit your budget. Some companies offer a free wireless router with their packages, others charge a monthly fee and others require you to purchase your own. It is important to weigh what the packages include as well as to compare different companies to see if you will be getting your money’s worth. Another deciding factor may be whether or not a company has a minimum contract requirement as well as if they are able to provide information in English.

Some internet providers include:


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