Kindergartens in Frankfurt – Which to choose

People moving their families to Germany to follow job opportunities are often worried about continuing their child’s education.  Luckily, Frankfurt offers exceptional schools for those looking to register their children in kindergarten.  With education being of the highest priority, German cities offer many well-run kindergartens.

The best option for those moving from an English-speaking country is to enroll your child in a school that provides both English and German lessons.  Most parents have found this challenging, but incredibly rewarding as it allows their children an opportunity to embrace and understand German culture.  We recommend looking into kindergartens as early as possible due to the long waiting lists and the age at which children enroll—Some as early as two!  Here’s a list of a few English-speaking kindergartens that we’ve found to be the best:

·         Accadis International School Bad Homburg

·         Erasmus—von—Rotterdam—Schule

·         Frankfurt International School

·         International Bilingual Montessori School

·         Metropolitan School of Frankfurt

Begin by scheduling an appointment with their institution head, or Leiter, and take advantage of the opportunity to better understand your child’s potential environment.  We also recommend applying to several of your favorite kindergartens to ensure acceptance into at least one.

Once you relieve the stress of determining the perfect school for your child, you can move onto your living situation.  Often, expatriates determine where they will live after their children have been accepted in order to base their neighborhood around the school’s proximity.  However, finding a fully furnished house or home in a specific neighborhood within the right price range tends to be impossible.  With that dilemma comes an easy alternative: affordable, hassle-free furniture rentals from Furniture Leasing Corporation.  We make renting furniture in Germany a snap!

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