Language schools and courses in Berlin.

Having completed your move to Berlin, it’s important that you learn the language in order to be able to better communicate as well as to make new friends in your community. There are many options when it comes to learning German in Berlin. You can opt for a private tutor, join an intensive language course, find a tandem partner, buy Rosetta Stone, or join a speaking group. The options are limitless. However, the majority of people prefer finding an actual course, with a school like setting that they can attend. Most of these are hosted by an organization that hires native German speakers, who solely speak German in order to get you better acquainted with the language, and used to hearing it.

Popular options for language courses in Germany include:

The Goethe Institut

The Goethe Institut is a great place to learn German. They offer beginners course as well as advanced courses at a very reasonable price. With very pleasant staff, and exciting excursions, you’ll be able to have wonderful conversations and experience the German culture while learning the language.


The class sizes at Prolog are generally bigger and the atmosphere leans more towards the school environment. They offer a wide variety of specialized German courses for both beginners and more advanced German speakers. Some of the groups Prolog hosts include those that focus on business language others focusing on the German culture. A class is also available for those over 50 years of age.


With small class sizes, and a friendly environment, Akkusativ prides themselves on the high quality education they offer. The German teachers who are hired by Akkusativ have years of experience teaching the language. The location of this language school is also a big plus for attendees as it is within close proximity to lots of cafes and restaurants.

Die Neue Schule

Die Neue Schule offers different levels of German language courses, from beginner level, leading up to C2. At Die Neue Schule you have the opportunity to between evening lessons, intensive course, extra intensive courses, beginners courses, as well as one on one lessons.


Sprachantelier offers small class sizes ranging from 2-4 students. Offering Intensive courses, evening courses, preparation for German language tests, summer courses and one on one lessons, this language school has a lot of options to choose from. Discounts are applicable for those who enroll for extended courses.

Know how much you want to spend on your language course because some of them can be rather pricey, though they do tend to offer discounts to people who enroll for a long period of time. Know how much time you want to spend each day, and also how long you are willing to commit to the program.  Find a course that fits well with your schedule to avoid having to miss too many classes and pay for something that you won’t be able to fully benefit from.  Joining a language school is a great way to make new friends, experience different cultures and most importantly, learn German.


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