Leasing an Apartment in Germany – 2

With the constant growth experienced by Germany, it manages to keep up by providing its new professional residents with online access to rental properties. 

Real estate portal sites allow for an easy guide based on individual or family needs in terms of location, size, price, and amenities.  Although there’s usually a fee incurred when using an agent, it proves to be the most helpful and reliable way to secure the perfect home when moving abroad. 

It’s definitely not easy to find online services in English but below are the most popular addresses for finding apartments and real estate in German.





As someone mentioned before, it is usually in the free city papers where you find the most ads and these are usually not published on the web, so as soon as you arrive in the area you want to live in, look for that paper (sometimes called “Anzeiger”, Wochenendkurier,) and I’m sure you’ll find something.

mmobilienscout.de has a section with so-called “short term rentals”.

These are furnished flats that usually rent out for less than one year. If this is what you want, here is the direct link (only in German).

Securing a rental in Germany is slightly different than most countries in that it not only requires first month’s rent, but a deposit upwards of three times that as well!  Furthermore, negotiations and contracts can be tricky to understand in other countries. 

Renting an apartment or flat in Germany can be easy, but as with any financial transaction, be sure to go in with your eyes open.    Although illegal in Germany, many landlords combine deposits with their personal funds, leaving an opportunity for renters to lose money when the lease is up.  You should always pay special attention to all leases signed and checks handed over.


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