Low Cost Airlines in Germany

Being in Germany, and in such close proximity to all the other wondrous places that Europe has to offer will bring out the traveler in you. The only problem is that there is so much to see, so many countries to visit and the costs are usually not on your side. What many people aren’t aware of, is that if you plan your vacations right, you’ll be able to see many different parts of the world without having to empty your pockets ten times over. Sure, whereas you may find a decent hotel at an even more decent price, the plane ticket prices are what generally throw you off. There are ,however, quite a few airlines in Germany that will have you thinking differently. Low cost plane tickets are attainable. There’s no need to spend so much money on a ticket when you could use it for say a massage or a little shopping spree. Be able to treat yourself when you’re on vacation. Spend less on your flight and allow yourself a little extra to explore, be adventurous and feel great about planning for your next vacation. After all you’ve traveled all the way to Germany, you’ve got to explore a bit more and venture to the other wonderful members of the European Union

These airlines have been noted for their affordable pricing, making traveling a lot easier on your wallets.


With eighty different locations under its belt, TUI Fly gives you a lot of choices when it comes to where you can venture to at an affordable price. It is indeed Germany’s third largest airline so the grounds it covers should come as no surprise.


Ryanair has made history in Europe being the first airline to offer these low priced tickets. It’s still doing very well, transporting an approximated 60 million travelers to wonderful locations throughout Europe.

Air Berlin

Air Berlin is the second largest airline in all of Germany and offers great prices to places like Palma de Mallorca where you’ll be happy to skip the Germany cold and lay out on the beach.


Condor picks things up a notch. Not only will you be able to mix into the different cultures of places surrounding Germany at a price that makes your jaw drop and your wallet smile, but they also offer unbeatable prices to the United States, Caribbean and even Africa.

No food

Don’t expect to wake up to a nice breakfast platter, or being able to decide on fish or chicken during your night flight, unless you’re willing to withstand the cost of course. In order to be able to afford passengers such astonishing prices, these airlines have had to cut costs and food is one of those costs and so those who wish to have something to eat have the option of purchasing it.


Do not over pack. Weigh your suitcases and carry-ons. The overweight fees are high, and these airlines are exceptionally tough when it comes to giving any leeway.  


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