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Let’s start by saying, great choice. For so many reasons, Germany is a brilliant place to relocate to, both for the short and long term. But like every other paradise, it too, has its highs and lows. Amazing architecture, deep rooted history, a vibrant culture, decadent food, all of these things contribute to Germany’s charm. But what if we separate the pro’s from the cons, will Germany still seem irresistible?

What’s so great about the home of the Bratwurst and Sauerkraut?

·         Healthcare: Germany has exceptional healthcare. Ensure that you are either covered by your home health insurance company, or that you get everything sorted through your travel agent before getting on the plane. Once you have arrived in Germany, if you’re planning on a longer stay, consider switching to a company in Germany. Do thorough research and find out what criteria you need to meet in order to qualify.

·         The People: Germans may initially come off as a ‘not so friendly’ set of people. This however is not necessarily true. Perhaps the weather during every other season but summer has their faces set in a way that may seem less than pleasant. You will though, be pleasantly surprised when you’re approached in the grocery store or cafes simply because you’re speaking English and they’re interested in knowing where you’re from and practicing their English skills with you a little.

·         Safety: Germany is very safe. Never will you have felt more comfortable going for early morning jogs or traveling home alone late at night. The crime rate in Germany is exceptionally low. The only thing worth worry just a miniscule bit about may be pickpocketing in bigger cities. 

·         New language: Challenge yourself to learn the language. At first it may seem impossible and you may get frustrated trying to understand the gibberish that seems to be spoken. However, once you’ve been here for a while, and if you try, you’ll realize German isn’t as far from English as you had perceived. There are so many English words and phrases incorporated in the language that once you get a hang of the sentence structure and grammar, the language can be a breeze.

What’s not so great about it?

·         Renting is expensive: Rent prices are a bit on the ridiculous side in Germany, especially when you’re looking into bigger cities. The apartments and houses are typically smaller than those in places like the United States, and the unfortunately cost a lot more too.

·         Strict Rules: Germany is a strict society. They’re lots of rules to get used to, primarily when it comes to driving. The penalties can be both severe and wrench your pockets dry. Provided you stay on the right side of the law, you’ll be just fine.

·         Weather: For those coming from Florida, California or other places where sunshine is abundant and it’s T-Shirt season year round, you might want to think about invested in a couple more umbrellas, rain boots and thicker not so comfortable clothing.


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