Moving to Germany

Culture shock in finding an apartment in Germany

Finding a neighborhood in Germany is the easy part. Finding a house or apartment? Not so much. It’s important to get your living plans established before moving in order to save yourself the overwhelming stress of getting accustomed to a new culture and finding a home. That being said, start your search early in order to get the best prices and the best options! 

We highly suggest using an agent or broker, as they’re equipped with hundreds of listings for you to choose from. Furthermore,you take the difficulty out of translation, exchange rate, and negotiation efforts for a small broker fee.  Having someone on your side while you hunt for a place to live is pretty invaluable.

Consider these points before contacting a realtor:

·     Cost—What are you willing to pay per month?

·     Amenities—Do you prefer a gated community, recreational activities, a spacious dining room?  Think about what you really want from your home.

·     Length of stay—Some lease agreements require that you stay for at least six months to a year, or the monthly price goes up.

With a wide range of German real estate websites, there’s no shortage in getting assistance when hunting for the perfect accommodation for you and your family. The three major websites include: immobilienscout , immonet , and immowelt. Don’t  be discouraged by the fact that the websites are in German as it still is rather simple to maneuver your way through them. Refer to your dictionary if there’s a word you just can’t seem to figure out, and brush up on your German skills while finding your new home.

One last thing to consider is whether or not you’re looking for a furnished or unfurnished home. Furnished apartments in Germany are hard to come by, and even harder to afford. You may find that the best option for you is an unfurnished apartment, located in your favorite neighborhood, with quality rental furniture and appliances to complete your home setup. And even if you’ve planned to ship your own furniture from home to Germany, it may make sense to arrange for a short-term rental package just in case your furniture is delayed for any reason.


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