Oktoberfest and Other Festivals in Germany

If there is one thing to be excited about with your move to Germany, it should be the many amazing festivals that take place throughout the year. Here is a list of some of the many festivals that you have to look forward to, and should not miss out on, while you are living in Germany.


Beginning before Shrove Tuesday, usually in Feb, this festival is one of the biggest in Germany. The idea is to celebrate before the beginning of Lent. There are street fairs, parades, masquerade balls, and other indoor events as well. There are many costumes involved. The best areas to go to Carnival are in the Rhineland.

Easter and Pentecost

In the early spring, there are many wonderful festivals and parades for Easter, with some of the best happening in Bavaria. There are also excellent festivals occurring on Pentecost weekend, especially in Bogen, Sankt Englmar, Rothenburg, Schwäbisch Hall, and Frankfurt.

Walpurgis Night

Similar to Halloween in the United States, towns in the Harz Mountains put on shows and rituals featuring witches, devil, and ghosts. Walpurgis Night occurs on April 30.

Rhine in Flames

In the spring and summer you can see the Rhine looking beautiful with firework shows, many lights along the river, and the boats lit up and decorated. There are multiple displays and shows throughout the year. Some of the best ones are in Bingen in July, in Koblenz in August, and in St. Goar and Oberwesel in September.

Dragon Spearing

In August, Fürthim Wald hosts a Dragon Spearing. A lifelike dragon prowls through the streets of the town, spewing fire, only to be slain by the hero Udo to spare the town from the dragon’s wrath.

Wine Festivals

Throughout the summer and fall, there are many wine festivals all over Germany.

Oktoberfest —the most popular and biggest festival in Germany is the famous Oktoberfest. The main event is in Munich and lasts all through September and October. There are copious amounts of food and beer for all. The event is so huge, that reservations for hotels should be booked months in advance.

Christmas Markets

In December, most towns decorate a Christmas market and hold festivals of light and music. The most famous Christmas market is in Nuremburg, but they can be found in nearly every town.

One of the benefits of getting to live in the country of Germany is the plethora of festivals to attend. It seems like almost every month of the year has a new event for you to experience. If you are not sure about where and when to go, keep your ear to the ground and do a little bit of research. Talk to your coworkers and neighbors to find out what festivals they attend. Do some research on the internet to find when and where some of the festivals take place, so that you can participate. Even if you are just getting settled in Germany, going to a festival could mean having a wonderful time and making some new friends while you are at it.


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