Phone, Internet, and Cellular Service in Germany

After you move to Germany, one of the first things you are going to want to do is get your phone and internet set up. Telephone and internet service should not be too difficult to set up.


There are many phone plans and options available to you in Germany; however most of those plans will not have information or customer service available in English. If you do not know any German, then you may want to search for a plan that provides services in English.

There are two types of telephone service for you to choose from in Germany. There is the standard analog phone service and the Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN. Both services support DSL service, so that does not need to be a deciding factor for you.

You can purchase your phone plan at one of the many retail locations throughout Germany. Most of those locations also offer internet and cell phone service, so you can cover everything in one stop.

Be prepared to deal with your customer service, bills, and email or mail from your phone company entirely in German. Also, with your bill, be sure to request an itemized bill because you will not automatically receive one. Before you sign your contract, read it over to make sure there are not any hidden fees attached. Many phone companies are going paperless, so you can opt to receive your bill via email.

Phones and phone accessories from the United States and Canada are illegal in Germany because of issues with the radio signals they use. It would be beneficial to you to purchase your phone and phone accessories in Germany.

Lastly, before you purchase your phone and plan, check with your landlord about the wiring in the house in case there are any requirements or issues.


Dial-up service is available in Germany. Dial-up is slow and unreliable, however some areas are not yet wired for high speed internet, in which case it may be your only option.

Germany also has broadband, with many different DSL plans and download speeds available for you. Unlike the dial-up service, which charges by the minute, DSL is available for a flat rate depending on which download speed you choose.

Be cautious of advertised bargains and deals because there could be all kinds of little fees hidden in the small print.

Cell Phones

Germany has many annual and pre-paid plans available for cell phone service. Phones from outside of Germany could have roaming charges, which could get really expensive. Your best bet would be to get a cell phone and plan in Germany. Most plans offer a flat rate for calls, text messaging, and data. Incoming calls on cell phones are free, however outgoing calls are not, so be aware of those charges. Also, check your contract for hidden fees before signing a contract. Be sure to get a head set as well, as driving while talking on the phone is illegal.

There are many options available to you for your home phone, internet, and cell phone service. Do a quick internet search or talk to your friends and coworkers to find what the best options are in your area.


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