Places to visit in Karlsruhe

Relocating to Karlsruhe?  Take the strain out of moving and let us furnish your home while you and your family take in the sights!  Spend more time checking out the world famous Karlsruhe Palace and less time scouring the Internet for the perfect furniture.  Not only will the pros here at Furniture Leasing Corporation find just about anything your new home needs, but our professionals will deliver, assemble, and install all rentals so you can truly focus on settling in! 

You’ll save yourself time and money by focusing on the right neighborhood, rather than fighting for the rarely furnished apartments and houses.  Having been in this business several years, we’ve seen it time and time again: Expatriates getting stuck in the wrong neighborhood simply because they found an affordable furnished home.  Wouldn’t you rather base your new quarters on its surroundings, rather than its contents? 

We offer any combination of rentals, from furniture, to kitchen appliances and even washers and dryers—Design your new place using only your fingertips and our experience!  Save the legwork for us and give your legs a workout touring all that Karlsruhe has to offer!  In fact, here are some of the locals’ must-see spots:

·         Botanical Gardens: Home to 40,000 different plants from all over the world.  Perfect for picnics, reading, or just exploring its newest Greenhouses.

·         Market Square and the Pyramid:  Full of history, this architectural beauty provides hours of true sightseeing.

·         Zoological City Gardens: Part zoo, part themed-gardens.  Plants and animal lovers alike will truly enjoy this spot!

Have any additional spots that should have made our list?  Let us know in the “Comments” section of our Free Quote Request!  We love hearing about our client’s travel experiences while we turn your house into a home!


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