Purchasing Furniture in Berlin

When you make that big move into Berlin as an expatriate, you may not want to deal with the expenses of shipping over furniture, especially on top of all of the costs of relocating. So, once you get in to Berlin, you have the option of buying furniture for your new home. It is fun to make some changes when you start fresh, and some new furniture in your new home may help you feel more integrated into your new home town.

There are many options available to you when it comes to shopping in Berlin, and furniture shopping is no exception. You have so many different types of furniture shops to choose from. There are shops with modern furniture, traditional furniture, antique furniture, and of course, artsy and quirky furniture as well.

Here is a list of just some of the furniture shops that can be found throughout Berlin.

Traditional Furniture Shops

To start, there is the ever-popular Ikea. Ikea has a massive selection for you to choose from. Their furniture is not overly expensive; however, there is nearly always assembly required when you make a purchase from an Ikea store.

Some other chain shops and traditional furniture shops in the area include HöffnerHolzconnectionRoller, and Rahaus.

Trendy, Modern, and Quirky Furniture Shops

One of the perks of living in Berlin is the art scene. Berlin has become a very trendy city. If the kind of furniture you are looking for is modern and chic or quirky and fun, then you are in the perfect city to find the ideal furniture for your home. Some of the modern furniture shops in the area include MujiKollwitz45Etage7System 80Stilwerk, and Strauss. All of these shops, and many more throughout the city, have plenty of amazing, beautiful, and strange furniture for you to choose from.

Antique Furniture Shops

Antique and vintage furniture is always a classic choice, especially for a classy home. With many beautiful and old styles of furniture, here are a few of the antique furniture shops located throughout Berlin: Wohnzone-BerlinSellackWohnbehagenAntikeMöbel, and AntikValentijn.

Of course, the lists here are not comprised of every furniture shop in Berlin. If you wish to find more options, then do an internet search for the types of furniture shops you are looking for and the area in which you would like to shop. You could also conduct your search on websites like yelp.com, which offer user reviews of the shops and restaurants you search for in your area. Another option is to try websites like eBay.com, where you can bid on and purchase items that other users have for sale.

Shopping can be a fun experience. Shopping in Berlin is also a unique experience. While out searching for your new furniture, take the time to explore the wonderful city that you get to call home. Perhaps you could explore the city first, and let your adventure take you to the furniture that you are in search of.


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