Quedlinburg: UNESCO Site and the Birthplace of a Nation

The beautiful Quedlinburg is located in the west region of Saxony Anhalt, Germany. This town is home to many astonishing buildings including grand castles and churches. Its popularity is surging amongst tourists and for all the right reasons. With so many beautiful buildings and amazing architecture to see as well as the fact that it is a UNESCO World heritage Site there is no reason to wonder why tourists continue to flock to Quedlinburg. Due to having escaped a lot of the destruction and damage caused by the second world war,  Quedlinburg’s architecture remains seemingly untouched and is in fact one of the most well preserved renaissance and medieval towns in all of Europe.

Some amazing locations in  Quedlinburg include:

Castle Hill: Founded by the late Heinrich der Vogler’s widow, Mathilda, the religious convent that she governed marked an important part of the town’s history.

This memorizing Castle is available for tours. Be sure to make sure that your attire consists of comfortable shoes that can withstand the steep hill leading up to the castle. In order to have your tour done in English you will be required to book this feature in advance.

Town Hall and Roland Statue

This representation of the Middle Ages, is still standing strong having undergone refurbishment in the 600’s. Guarded by a knight and his horse, you’ll have to come before the Christmas season to see this statue in full effect as the Christmas market tends to overshadow the majestic structure.

Klopstockhaus Museum

The birthplace of the amazing poet, Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock has now been transformed into a museum in order to celebrate both his work and the work of other noted members of the  Quedlinburg society.

Altstadt Quedlinburg

The heart of it all. Once you’ve been to the Altstadt Quedlinburg you will need to stop, compose yourself and take it all in. The scene is breathtaking, the buildings make you feel as though you’ve stepped into another era of time. Take your cameras out and don’t be afraid to snap away. Being here will make you understand why this town was welcomed with open arms as a  UNESCO World heritage Site. Everything about it is miraculous and you won’t regret one moment of your trip. Packed with half timbered houses, narrow roads and alleys, there is so much to see and there will never be a dull mooment.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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