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Having decided on moving to Munich, you’ve most likely gone through the hassle of renting an apartment, finally finding a place that you can call home. The next task comes with filling your apartment with furniture in order to be able to maximize the comfort of your new humble abode. You’ve perhaps already come to the realization that in Munich, and Germany as a whole, there aren’t very many apartments that come furnished. There is also the possibility that your unfurnished apartment comes without a fitted kitchen. There are many furniture stores in Germany that offer everything you may need, including appliances, kitchens, beds, tables, chairs, paintings as well as other decorative pieces you’d like to add in order to give your home a certain flair.

Expats tend to opt for one of two things when furnishing their home. For those who are planning a shorter stay in Germany, rental furniture is the most popular choice. This option offers fast delivery times, low monthly fees, set up on all furniture and appliances as well as pick up once your stay in Germany comes to an end. The other option is buying furniture. There are quite a few furniture stores in Munich with Ikea, perhaps being the most popular of the bunch. Others include, Kare, Who’s Perfect, Seg Müller, BoConcept, and Möbelum.

These furniture stores offer quality at a very reasonable price. Ensure that you check how long items take to be delivered, as with some of these stores, Ikea being an exception, delivery times can take anywhere from a couple of weeks, to a couple of months. This is due to the fact that stores like BoConcept, need to have their products shipped from Denmark, while Ikea, has pretty much everything you need in store, and you can either arrange to have it delivered, or pick them up yourself, provided you have a big vehicle, or a hanger.

Möbelum: a great place to get hardwood furniture.

BoConcept: furniture is of high quality furniture, with a Scandinavian flair.

Seg Müller: large selection of furniture where prices are open to negotiation.

Who’s Perfect: carries very elegant furniture, unique designs, with a bit of a hefty price tag.

Kare: a wide range of style, ranging from antique, to elegant.

Those on a tighter budget may want to look into getting used, or lightly used furniture. Facebook has numerous groups in Munich dedicated to people who are looking to get rid of their furniture and are willing to negotiate prices. Another option is ebay kleinanzeigen where prices are also negotiable. When using either of this websites, try to take some time out to go the location, look at the furniture and decide if it really is what you’re looking are and in the condition the seller promised. It’s nice to avoid any unpleasant surprises when buying used furniture, and thus, picking it up yourself is usually the best option as you are able to look at it, and make a knowledgeable decision on whether to buy, or keep looking elsewhere. 


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