Relocating to Zurich – Moving company’s you can trust

Relocating to Zurich, Switzerland can provide you with a great opportunity to climb the career ladder, expose yourself to new culture and even learn a new language.  Ranked as a top city in the world to live, Zurich offers a well maintained infrastructure and urban system. Zurich’s old town is rich in history with contemporary ventures including those such as; pastry and wine shops, fashion stores and bookshops.  When making the move to Zurich, you will want to take into consideration a moving company you can trust with your belongings.

Zurich offers a wide variety in the listings of moving companies. It is important to do your research ahead of time before making the final decision. This can include researching previous customer reviews, as well as the company’s website.  According to recent  feedback from previous customers, we’ve compiled a list of quality moving companies in Zurich you can trust. These companies include:

  • All Move
  • Fair Trans
  • Umzug
  • CRU
  • City Transport
  • Behk-Umzug
  • Gimpert Bischof
  • Crown Locations
  • Beat Suter AG- Ubersee-Transport
  • Swiss Moving Service AG
  • Transpack GmbH

After researching the moving company reviews, pick your top three choices and call to set up an appointment for an in home estimate or phone estimate. Each moving company will be able to provide you with an estimate, based on the amount of furniture and personal items you need moved. Ask questions during this time about their pricing and what other services they offer such as packaging, etc. 

Once you have your three estimates, take some additional time in reviewing your choices. Researching companies can pay off in the end when it comes to your move. Ensure your final choice has everything to suit your relocation moves and be sure to provide your own review after the service is complete. This will help others after you making the move to Zurich.


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