Relocating your pets to Austria

Many expats are faced with the difficult task of not only relocating their family to another country, but also their furry family members too. So how does one approach such a task when they aren’t aware of the regulations of the new country? Here are a few tips for a successful transfer of mans best friend. 

Before you leave 

Make sure your dog is up to date with any shots or vaccinations required by the relevant authority of your home country. Ensure that you take all documentation with you as proof that your animal is healthy and risk free. 

Microchips are required for all pets in Austria, so make sure you have your animal micro chipped according to ISO standard 784.  

You must have your veterinarian fill out a European Certificate of Health, which will be checked by officials when you enter the EU. The certificate is generally valid for 0 days from the time you have it signed by your vet.   

To ensure that you have all the relevant documentation with you before you leave, review this checklist: 

  • Microchip record
  • Rabies certificate
  • Letter from your veterinarian
  • European Health Certificate

Once you arrive

After your pet is safe and sound in your new country of residence, make sure you know exactly when any shots or check ups are required in the future. Finding a new veterinarian is a good idea to ensure all members of the family are kept healthy.

If you are unsure if you would like to accomplish these tasks on your own, there are companies that can assist in relocating your animals for you. Some services will handle everything for you entirely, whilst others will provide some of the certificates or guidance for a fee.


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