Relocation Companies for Local Moves in the Munich Area

If you are living in the Munich area and are moving locally, there are a number of options and companies for you to choose from to help you with your move.

Moving Companies

Most moving companies in the Munich area only offer services in German. So, if your German is not very good, you may want to brush up on the terms you will be using with your movers, or hire a translator to help you deal with the movers. Here is a list of companies that will help you with your move.

·         Huntcrest Services –The company does not have a website, but with a quick web search you can easily find their contact information. They offer building services in addition to moving services and come highly recommended among English-speaking German residents. Huntcrest Services has employees fluent in English.

·         IHR Team – A moving company serving the Munich area for short and long hauls. Their website is not available in English.

·         Die KräftigenMänner – A moving company serving multiple areas, including Munich. Their website is not available in English.

·         ZugUmZug – Is a relocation company based in Munich. They also deal with private removals, transport, packaging, disposal, and storage. Their website is not available in English.

·         Der Pfennig GuteUmzug – A Munich-based company that deals with moving, removals, and clearing out. Their website is not available in English.

·         UmzügeDaul – A company that specializes in moving and removals. Their website is not available in English.

Renting a Truck or Van

·         Sixt – A car and truck rental website. They serve multiple locations, including the Munich area. They offer their website in English.

·         Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans – Their vans are helpful for moving smaller amounts. Their services are available in multiple locations. Their German website is not available in English.

·         TransporterverleihTrudering – A van and truck rental company based in Munich. Their website is not available in English.

·         Swing – A car, van, and truck rental company available in Munich. Their website is not available in English.

Tips and Alternative Options

In addition to hiring movers or renting a truck or van, you have alternative options to help you with your move.

Sometimes college students are the best people to hire for odd jobs. They are usually in need of cash, and they are young and strong enough to handle a physically demanding job such as moving furniture. If you happen to know any university students, see if any of them would be willing to take on the job. They are cheaper labor than established companies. However, they may be less experienced, so keep an eye on your breakable items.

If you need to move any special items, such as a piano, it is best to find someone who specializes in moving those items, since traditional movers may not know how to handle the item properly.

Moving to a new location, even with local moves can be quite pricey. However, you often get what you pay for, so if you want your move to run smoothly and easily, you may have to pay a bit more for your movers. 


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