Rental Furniture in Germany – the Smart Alternative for Expats

The popularity of rental furniture companies in Germany is rapidly increasing. With places like  Furniture Leasing Corporation  adequately supplying expats furniture and appliance needs, there’s even less of a reason to get tied up buying furniture that you’ll only need for a couple of months. Having access to furniture rental companies means that expatriates can avoid having to ship their furniture from home to Germany, thus saving them a lot of money and time. This is also true with buying furniture, where when expats have to return home, they can possible experience a great deal of difficulty trying to get rid of the furniture they have accumulated during their time in Germany. 

Using a rental furniture company is easy, inexpensive and takes away a lot of pressure that may come with the other means of acquiring furniture. What often surprises expats is the trouble they have finding a furnished apartment. The lack of furnished apartments is perhaps due to the fact that Germans don’t tend to move very often. Once they find a home, they usually stay for years and years, pushing down the demand for furnished apartments. If they do happen to move after having spent a long time in their previous home, they likelihood is high that they carry all their old furniture with them, thus diminishing the need for furnished apartments once again. 

So on the search for an apartment in Germany, you’ll notice that some of the apartments that are available, do not come with a fitted kitchen as this also fits into the unfurnished category. Rental furniture companies lighten that burden as well. Even if you are having the majority of your furniture shipped from your home country, taking out your kitchen is perhaps one of those things you didn’t plan for, and possible wouldn’t even consider. Renting a kitchen is a lot more economic than buying one for a short period of time. Buying a kitchen poses huge problems when you decide to relocate. Some have luck selling their kitchen to the renters who come after them, others are able to sell through advertising, and some either end up stuck with the kitchen, or having to leave it in the apartment for free. With a rental furniture company, you won’t even have to worry about delivery and pick up, as they take care of everything for you, making it a more relaxed process.

Renting furniture is a very convenient option that expats are happy to take advantage of. With Germany’s  increasing popularity as a relocation site for expats, both on long term contracts as well as short term contracts, rental furniture makes the transition an easier and less expensive one. Whatever it is that is needed, from furniture to appliances and even decorations, expats have the flexibility to design a package that fits their furniture needs and pay on a monthly basis. 


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